Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Good Memoir -- Grace Leads Me Home

It seems there have been lots of stories about people who have left the Amish way of life for various reasons.  Marlene Miller's Grace Leads Me Home gives a very different story.

Marlene grew up in an "Englisch" home in a small Ohio town where she experienced a lot of struggles in her life.  She also did a lot of the same kinds of things many typical teenagers do, including being chosen as head majorette at her high school.  One winter day she met an Amish boy ice skating at a local pond, but little did she realize where God would take the two of them, including a future together as members of an Old Order Amish group.

I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book, feeling as though I was sitting in the room with Marlene as she shared her story.  At times she seemed to ramble away from the
main point, but the ramblings just added more personality to the details of the ups and downs that she and Johnny shared in raising their large family.  In all the stages of life she has been through, Marlene has remained certain of God's grace seeing her through.

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