Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lessons on Pride and Prejudice -- First Impressions

I have seen Sarah Price's name as an author of Amish books for some time but had just never gotten around to trying one of her stories until now.  After finishing First Impressions, I'm really glad I gave her a try!

One of the things I enjoy about reading from a variety of authors is the different voices and twists they take on the same genre.  Sarah's style in this book is a little different from any other Amish fiction I've read, and I enjoyed the difference.  Her characters were fun to get to know.  Watching them -- especially Lizzie -- struggle and grow through the lessons life throws at them kept me thoroughly engaged in the story.  At different times throughout the story, I was drawn into a variety of feelings and emotions -- from heartbreak and aggravation to joy and tenderness, with some subtle humor thrown in for good measure. 

Although I have to admit that I have never read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, from what I do know of the story, First Impressions is a very nice retelling.  I would think that crafting a story that deals with differences in social classes among the Amish would be quite a challenge, a challenge that Sarah successfully met.

I would definitely recommend First Impressions to fans of Amish fiction.  Fans of Jane Austen who do not normally read Amish fiction might also enjoy re-reading the story in a new setting.

Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:

Will pride and prejudice keep the Blank sisters from finding love? With five daughters and no sons, Daed and Maem Blank are anxious to find their girls suitors who might eventually take over their family farm. When news arrives that Charles Beachey, the son of a prominent Amish farmer, will be returning from Ohio with his cousin Frederick, they are hopeful that the young men might be good matches for their daughters.

The oldest daughter, Jane, starts courting Charles, a well-mannered and very respectful young man, but her younger sister Lizzie is not interested in either courtship or Frederick. In fact, she wants nothing to do with him, finding him full of pride and disdain for her family’s way of life. But in a community and culture where pride is scorned, Lizzie must learn that first impressions can be dangerous and people are not always who they seem to be.

This Amish retelling of the popular Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful take on the power of love to overcome class boundaries and prejudices that will win your heart.

About the Author:

The author of over 25 novels, Sarah Price brings her Anabaptist roots and over 25 years experience with the Amish to her books, many of which have been Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers (Plain Fame, Plain Change, Amish Faith, & others).

The Preiss family emigrated from Europe in 1705, settling in Pennsylvania as the area's first wave of Mennonite families. The name later changed to Price. Sarah Price has always respected and honored her ancestors through exploration and research about her family history and their religion. At nineteen, she befriended an Amish family and lived on their farm throughout the years.

Twenty-five years later, she now splits her time between her husband and children in the NYC Metro area and a home that she shares with an Amish woman in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where she retreats to reflect and write. As a masterful storyteller, Sarah Price prides herself on presenting an authentic Amish experience for her readers. Many of her stories are based on actual people she has met and her own experiences living among the Amish over the years.

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