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Gripping Mystery -- Unknown

Unknown, by Vanessa Hall, is a gripping mystery set in modern-day Russia. The main characters are the son of missionaries and a rising star in the world of ballet. The characters are well-developed and very much alive, and the story is filled with elements that kept me engaged from beginning to end.
The story progressed at a comfortable pace, introducing new characters and hidden agendas as needed. The on-stage and back-stage ballet setting was unfamiliar, yet fascinating, for me. The close relationships shared by the church members provided a strong element of comfort and safety. And a few unexpected people helped keep the mystery moving. The faith element is overt and a driving force in the development of the story.
Unknown is the author's debut novel, and it offers the promise of more great writing to come from her. In fact, it is book one in her Grace Sufficient series, so there should be another related story on the horizon. I recommend this book to fans of Christian fiction. 
Thanks to the author for providing a copy of her book. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

About the Book
He knew there was a cost. He just didn’t know how great it’d be.
Gabriel Kelly returned to Russia for one reason—to bury his parents. After ten years in the United States, he hadn’t expected to return to his childhood home in the face of tragedy. However, after short days in Moscow, he begins to consider if the same call that cost his parents’ lives is now upon him.
Sofia Rykova’s dreams finally came true when she became a principal soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet. One night, though, an old crush walks back into her life, making her wonder if there is more to life than ballet. Gabe Kelly is just as she remembered, just as she longed for—yet religion stands between them.
Unknown to Gabe and Sofia, danger lurks closer than either would have guessed. The deaths of Gabe’s parents grow more suspicious by the day, and Gabe and Sofia are drawn into the midst of a plot neither can escape. Will obedience to God’s call—in spite of their fears and desires—result in a price too steep to bear?

About the Author
Vanessa Hall is an author, musician, and homeschool graduate. Most days, she is reading, writing, or practicing the violin—or trying to find time for all three pursuits. Currently, she is working toward gaining a degree in instrumental music education. Unknown is her debut novel. 
Above all, she is a sinner saved and held fast by the abounding grace of Jesus Christ.

Action-Packed Historical Fiction -- Mercy Undeserved

Mercy Undeserved, by Kristina Hall, is an action-packed story set in the crime world of the 1920s. This is a time period and setting that is outside my usual reading choices, but I really enjoyed paying a visit to that era. The characters were very much alive, and their stories made for an intriguing page-turner.

The story includes elements of mobster-type danger (handled in non-graphic terms), instances of both good and bad decisions as Alberto and Lillian learn to work together to fight their enemies, and romance that grows in spite of all the obstacles along the way. The faith element and truth of God's undeserved mercy are very overtly presented in a variety of ways throughout the story. There were a few places where there appeared to be little bumps or gaps in the flow of the plot, but all in all this was a very engaging read that I would definitely recommend to fans of Christian historical fiction.

Mercy Undeserved is book two in The Moretti Trilogy. It can work well as a stand alone -- that's how I read it -- but I think I would really like to go back and pick up Promises Unbroken to answer a few questions I had as I read this one. 

Thanks to the author for providing a copy of her book.  I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

About the Book

How much more will she lose?

Lillian Rossi had it all—a devoted husband, a new baby, and all the riches she’d dreamed of. But one January day changed everything. Now, the consequences of her late husband’s sins extend to her and her son, and Matteo, though only a baby, is the rightful heir to the Rossi empire, making him a target.

Alberto Moretti promised to protect Lillian and her son, but he well knows the cruelty and desperation of the Rossi family. He served them all too long—until God set him free.

As Lillian and Alberto are thrown together in a race to save her and Matteo’s lives, their own sins and Stefano Rossi’s plans threaten to destroy them. Will they fall prey to the danger so close behind, or will they find mercy they’ve done nothing to deserve?

About the Author

Kristina Hall is a sinner saved by grace who seeks to glorify God with her words. She is a homeschool graduate and holds a degree in accounting. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, arm wrestling, lifting weights, and playing the violin.

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Fascinating History -- Preacher on the Run


General Book Info

Title: Preacher on the Run (A Novel of the Regulator Uprising)

Series: For Liberty & Conscience #1

Genre: Christian historical fiction

Length (physical copy): 326 pages

Publication date: April 12, 2020


Book Description


It’s 1771, and Robert Boothe has spent the last four years leading the tyrant-hating Regulators against North Carolina’s corrupt British government. All he wants is a safe place for his little Baptist church to live and worship God. But the established church wants him to shut up. The governor wants him dead. 


Being an unlicensed dissenter preacher has already made Robert a target. Then Colonel Charles Drake comes to town with one ambition: winning the governor’s favor, no matter what it takes. And Robert Boothe just might be his last chance.


Preacher on the Run is the first book of the For Liberty & Conscience trilogy, which combines North Carolina Revolution-era history with Christ-centered fiction.

My Thoughts 

Preacher on the Run is a fascinating story, rich in actual history and the author's own fictional take on the people and events. This is the first book I have read that takes place in the pre-Revolutionary War time period, and I was very intrigued with that setting. 

The characters were well developed, and the plot of the story was very engaging from beginning to end. Building the story with characters from so many positions along the spectrum of the social, religious, and political climate of the day gives a captivating complexity to the story.  Real-life tension, often involving life-and-death decisions, provides compelling dimension throughout. Faith is a very prominent element of the story, providing much more than just a passing detail to fit the label of Christian fiction.

Preacher on the Run is a great read for fans of well-written Christian historical fiction. I look forward to reading the next installment in this series.

Thanks to Jayna Baas for providing a copy of her book. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

Author Bio

Jayna Baas (pronounced as in “baa, baa, black sheep”) lives in northern Michigan with a great family of real people and the family of pretend people who live in her head. (Yes, she does know her characters are not real. No, she does not want you to tell them she said so.) Notorious for work­ing on several projects at once and writing her series in the wrong order, she believes German writer Thomas Mann was cor­rect in saying, “A writer is some­­one for whom writing is more difficult than for other people.” She enjoys writing and reading in a wide range of genres, but her favorite story is this: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

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Time: 12:00 AM September 13 – 12:00 AM September 25

Prize: One signed paperback copy of Preacher on the Run, one bookmark with a Bible verse and cover artwork, and eight assorted photography notecards. All entrants will receive a promo code for Jayna Baas’s online bookstore.

Notes: Open to US residents 18 and up or with parental consent. No purchase necessary.

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Fast-Paced Romantic Suspense -- Hostile Intent

Hostile Intent, in typical Lynette Eason fashion, is fast-paced romantic suspense, full of excitement, danger, questions, twists, and some scary moments! The suspense starts on the first page and continues throughout the whole story. I started the book one afternoon, intending to read a few chapters and then lay it aside for later, but I never found a good spot to stop until I had finished the last page.

The characters are well developed and drive the fast pace of the story. As is often the case in well-written suspense, there were points where I had questions about whether certain characters were the "good" guys or the "bad" guys. If you have read the previous books in this Danger Never Sleeps series, you will recognize some of the characters, but this book can easily be read as a stand-alone.

I highly recommend Hostile Intent to fans of great inspirational suspense. Thanks to Revell Reads for providing a copy of the book. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

About the Book

Secrets are about to be revealed . . . but will the guilty be brought to justice?

Ava Jackson entered the military shortly after high school, but her mother's illness has forced her to request an early discharge. She already lost her father while deployed, and there's no way she's going to let her mother die alone. But after a visit to the nursing facility where her mother lives, Ava is attacked walking back to her car. Fortunately, FBI Special Agent Caden Denning arrives in time to help fight off her attacker.

Caden reveals to Ava that she may hold the key to the murders of three families, and he needs her help before anyone else is harmed. The hits show a pattern, and clearly the killer has an agenda. But if Caden and Ava can't discover what it is, Ava may be next on the hit list.

About the Author

Lynette Eason is the bestselling author of the Danger Never Sleeps, Blue Justice, Women of Justice, Deadly Reunions, Hidden Identity, and Elite Guardians series. She is the winner of three ACFW Carol Awards, the Selah Award, and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, among others. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and has a master's degree in education from Converse College. Eason lives in South Carolina with her husband and two children. Learn more at

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Story with a Unique Premise -- The Fifth Avenue Story Society

The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel Hauck is an intriguing story with a very unique premise. What may seem at the very beginning to be a collection of somewhat disjointed accounts of unrelated events in the lives of mismatched people soon begins to come together in a fascinating way. 

The characters are well developed and drive the story. Each person brings his or her own complicated past into the society, without really understanding the baggage they are carrying or what to do with it. Several twists and turns along the way keep things moving at a very engaging pace. There is a somewhat subtle spiritual journey that shows itself specifically through one character and then spills over to the others. 

This was the first book I've read by Rachel Hauck, and I found her writing to be very compelling. I highly recommend The Fifth Avenue Story Society to fans of contemporary inspirational fiction.

About the Book:

An invitation to join the Fifth Avenue Story Society gives five New York strangers a chance to rewrite their own stories… 

Executive assistant Lexa is eager for a much-deserved promotion, but her boss is determined to keep her underemployed.

Literature professor Jett is dealing with a broken heart, as well as a nagging suspicion his literary idol, Gordon Phipps Roth, might be a fraud.

Uber driver Chuck just wants a second chance with his kids.

Aging widower Ed is eager to write the true story of his incredible marriage.

Coral, queen of the cosmetics industry, has broken her engagement and is on the verge of losing her great grandmother’s multimillion-dollar empire.

When these five New Yorkers receive an anonymous, mysterious invitation to the Fifth Avenue Story Society, they suspect they’re victims of a practical joke. No one knows who sent the invitations or why. No one has heard of the literary society. And no one is prepared to reveal their deepest secrets to a room full of strangers.

Yet curiosity and loneliness bring them back week after week to the old library. And it’s there they discover the stories of their hearts, and the kind of friendship and love that heals their souls.  

About the Author:

Rachel Hauck is the New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA TODAY bestselling author of The Wedding Dress, which was also named Inspirational Novel of the Year by Romantic Times and was a RITA finalist. Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband and pet and writes from her ivory tower.

Visit her online at; Facebook: RachelHauck; Twitter: @RachelHauck; Instagram: @rachelhauck.

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American Idol Meets the Bible for Middle Grade Readers -- Liberty Lane and the One-Girl Rebelution


About the Book

Book:  Liberty Lane and the One-Girl Rebelution

Author: Shaylene King

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

Release date: December 31, 2020

American Idol meets the bible in this modern retelling of the book of Esther creatively re-imagined for a younger generation

Sir Frederick Preparatory School’s Royal Crown competition is only the biggest singing competition on planet earth! So, when Liberty Lane O’Shea, is catapulted into the singing competition to compete for the coveted crown, it’s a dream come true.

Her dreams are dashed when she meets a beastly contestant who plots to vocally “kill off” anyone who might pose a threat to his rise to fame.

To halt the contestant’s vile ruse, Liberty Lane and her cohorts in crime, best friend Calliope and cousin Lincoln scheme to foil his evil ploys.

When Liberty Lane finds herself blackmailed, she is faced with a tough choice. Will she expose this contestant, divulging a secret of her own, and possibly disqualify herself from the competition? Or, will she watch the other contestants “die” an early Royal Crown competition death, putting the crown surely within her grasp?

Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts

Liberty Lane and the One-Girl Rebelution should be a good read for middle grade readers and older. The story line is a good one, based on the story of Esther from the Bible.

Building around a singing competition provides a setting that will be familiar for most readers. There are lots of fun characters in the story, each adding their own unique flair. Some of the details appear a little unrealistic, for example, the way it seems junior high/senior high students are just kind of running free with little adult supervision; and there are some points in the story that seem a little disjointed. But I think the intended reading audience will move beyond those elements and enjoy keeping up with Liberty/Libby and her friends (and enemies).

The author draws from the story of Esther in several ways, some subtle and some not so much, without using a "preachy" tone. In the closing pages of the book she gives more detail and encourages readers to dig even deeper by going straight to the Bible.

Thanks to Celebrate Lit for providing a copy of the book. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

About the Author

Shaylene is an anti-bully activist. She speaks to thousands of students each year across the country and internationally, empowering them to live with profound purpose when they learn to combat mean and cultivate kindness.

She is the founder of The Mean Girl Extinction Project a 501(c)3 on-profit created to address the rise in relational aggression among girls. She teaches girls how to not only survive girl world but to make a difference and thrive in girl world. She leads assemblies, workshops and speaks at girls events, camps, clubs and retreats.

Shaylene also teaches and trains the nation’s leading student-led bully prevention program called  Safe School Ambassadors. Equipping students with the tools they need to develop self-confidence and practice and promote positive communication with their peers.

Shaylene lives with her husband in Middle Tennessee, sailing the unchartered waters of empty nesting. She enjoys any time she gets to spend with her two grown children who are off exploring the world and living the life God created them for.


More from Shaylene

Liberty Lane and the One-Girl Rebelution was birthed from my love of fairy tales and reading Bible stories to my kids. I have likely read every modern retelling version of classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! One night, while reading a Bible story to my kids at bedtime, I noticed it read a lot like a fairy tale, only it was true. What fun it would be to write a modern retelling of my favorite Bible stories! And, rest is history… or at least a re-telling of history!

This book was a labor of love. It was fun to creatively reimagine what an Esther story might look like today. More important, though, I wanted to create a strong, confident young girl, one who was perfectly imperfect, able to think for herself and stand for what she believed in, even when it was hard—a one-girl “rebel”ution. My hope is that girls might connect with Liberty Lane and feel they too can be comfortable in their own skin and stand by their convictions. When they make a mistake, they can right their wrong, hold their head high, and press on. Speaking the truth is never easy to do, but I want them to know, it will always be the right thing to do.

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Amish Romance at Christmas Time -- Christmas Comes to Morning Star (with EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY)

It's never a bad time to read a good Christmas story, and Charlotte Hubbard's Christmas Comes to Morning Star is definitely a good one to read!

If you have read Morning Star and First Light in Morning Star, you have already met most of the characters in this story and know the history behind the Marketplace where most of them are involved. You can read this book without having read the first two, but I think you will appreciate the story much more if you pick up the others first.

As usual, while Charlotte Hubbard's diligence in her research of the Amish lifestyle shows in her story, she does create communities and characters who stand out from much other Amish fiction. Molly and Marietta, two of the main characters in this story, are strong young ladies who are very vibrant and complex, even as they live within the rules and customs of their community. While romance is an important part of the story, it doesn't happen without its share of challenges. There is a large dose of loss and heartache, as well plenty of love and growth, in this engaging story. It takes a wide range of characters, including a couple of adorable children and an energetic dog, to fill out the plot. And, without giving any spoilers, there is another romance brewing that I'm hoping plays out to a good end in the next book of this series.

I highly recommend Christmas Comes to Morning Star to fans of great Amish fiction. Thanks to Charlotte Hubbard for providing a copy of her book and to Goddess Fish Promotions for allowing me to be a part of this book tour. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

(Be sure to check out the giveaway mentioned at the end of this post for a chance to appear in Charlotte's next book!)

About the Book:

Founded by five unmarried and enterprising Amish maidels, the new Morning Star Marketplace in small-town Missouri is preparing for a joyous Christmas season. But will the holiday also bring unexpected tidings of love?

Twin sisters Molly and Marietta Helfing are eagerly anticipating Christmas, with Marietta fully recovered from cancer and their noodle making business thriving. But Molly clearly misses having former tenant Pete Shetler and his rambunctious dog, Riley, around. Marietta can’t ignore Molly’s feelings for Pete—or the anxiety it stirs within her. Convinced her illness has made her unmarriageable, Marietta wonders what kind of life she’ll have if her sister marries—despite Molly’s promise never to leave her behind. . .

Then a fire destroys the home of Amish neighbors and Molly and Marietta graciously make room for widower Glenn Detweiler, his dat, and his two young boys. When Pete returns to help the family rebuild, Molly relishes her reunion with the handsome carpenter, while Marietta delights in mothering Glenn’s boys—and is surprised by her poignant bond with their quiet, brooding father. Soon everyone is wondering if this season will bring the blessing of a merry double wedding to Morning Star . . .

Read an Excerpt:

When she glanced at her sister, who was placing a strip of noodle dough into the roller, Marietta noticed a rare frown on Molly’s face. “Penny for your thoughts, sister.”           

Molly shrugged. “Sure is quiet without Riley and Pete around.”

Marietta’s eyes widened at her sister’s wistful remark. For several months, Pete Shetler and his golden retriever, Riley, had rented one of their two dawdi hauses. Pete had done some much-needed maintenance around their farm—while his active young dog had mostly dug up Mamm’s flower beds, chewed the belts on their noodle making equipment, and found other trouble to get into.

Pete had moved into his uncle’s house, however. Although Marietta appreciated the return to a quieter routine without their renter, she sensed Molly had secretly adored the muscular blond carpenter and his rambunctious dog.

“Maybe you should pay Pete a visit,” she suggested. “I bet he’d be tickled if you took over a pan of noodle pudding—” 

“Why would I do that?” Molly blurted. “It’s not as though anything would come of a relationship—even if Pete took the hint and asked me out.”

“Why not?” Marietta paused, hoping to express her concerns carefully. “Just because I’ll never marry doesn’t mean you should forfeit a potential romance. Sure, Pete’s clueless most of the time but he seems trainable. And he’s awfully cute.”

“Let’s not forget that Pete refuses to join the Amish church, so a romance would be pointless—even if he knew the meaning of the word,” Molly shot back. “Truth be told, I like Riley better than Pete, anyway. I intend to remain here on the farm with you, sister, like we’ve always agreed upon. We’re turning thirty-five next month, so why would I want to change my life—and my attitude—to accommodate a husband?”

About the Author:

In 1983, Charlotte Hubbard sold her first story to True Story. She wrote around 70 of those confession stories, and she’s sold more than 50 books to traditional or online publishers. A longtime resident of Missouri, she’s currently writing Amish romances set in imaginary Missouri towns for Kensington. She now lives in Omaha, NE with her husband of 40+ years and their Border collie, Vera.

Facebook --

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Another Great Story Based on True Historical Crime -- The Scarlet Pen


About the Book

Book:  The Scarlet Pen

Author: Jennifer Uhlarik

Genre: Christian Historical Suspense

Release date: July 2021

Engaged to a Monster

Book 12 in the True Colors series—Fiction Based on Strange-But True History

Enjoy a tale of true but forgotten history of a 19th century serial killer whose silver-tongued ways almost trap a young woman into a nightmarish marriage.

In 1876, Emma Draycott is charmed into a quick engagement with childhood friend Stephen Dee Richards after reconnecting with him at a church event in Mount Pleasant, Ohio. But within the week, Stephen leaves to “make his fame and fortune.” The heartbroken Emma gives him a special pen to write to her, and he does with tales of grand adventures. Secret Service agent Clay Timmons arrives in Mount Pleasant to track purchases made with fake currency. Every trail leads back to Stephen—and therefore, Emma. Can he convince the naive woman she is engaged to a charlatan who is being linked a string of deaths in Nebraska?

Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts

Jennifer Uhlarik penned The Scarlet Pen, the 12th (and last, I understand) installment in the True Colors series, fiction based on true historical crime. This is the first book I have read by this author, and I really enjoyed her work.

As with the other books in this series, most of the characters and many of the events are fictional, but the story is based on the crimes of an actual historical figure. The very well-developed characters bring the story to life and keep the plot moving at an engaging pace. Clay, the former Pony Express rider turned Secret Service agent, is probably my favorite character. He is a man with very hurtful memories to deal with. But with the help of prayer and reliance on God's promises, he pushes through his own difficulties while taking seriously the conflict he faces in his job and in his personal feelings. Many other strong characters each play their own parts in this well-done story.

I highly recommend The Scarlet Pen to fans of great historical, and/or crime stories, carrying a strong element of faith. Thanks to Celebrate Lit for providing a copy of the book. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.

About the Author

Jennifer Uhlarik discovered the western genre as a preteen, when she swiped the only “horse” book she found on her older brother’s bookshelf. A new love was born. Across the next ten years, she devoured Louis L’Amour westerns and fell in love with the genre. In college at the University of Tampa, she began penning her own story of the Old West. Armed with a BA in writing, she has won five writing competitions and was a finalist in two others. In addition to writing, she has held jobs as a private business owner, a schoolteacher, a marketing director, and her favorite—a full-time homemaker. Jennifer is active in American Christian Fiction Writers and is a lifetime member of the Florida Writers Association. She lives near Tampa, Florida, with her husband, teenage son, and four fur children.


More from Jennifer

Hello, Readers! For all who might never have read one of my stories or come across me, it’s great to meet you! I’m a wife, a mom, a (young!) grandma, and an author—among many other things. My author tagline is “Where Grit Meets Grace.” If you’re familiar with my writing at all, you’ll know that most of my stories at least touch on a bit of the difficult side of life. Death, abandonment, war, addiction, or who knows what else you might find. The Scarlet Pen is no different.

Given that this novel is the final installment in Barbour’s True Colors series, the story revolves around a true crime from history—in this case, the murders of serial killer Stephen Dee Richards—AKA the Nebraska Fiend. Anytime you’re dealing with someone so depraved as he, you’ll find plenty of “grit” to write about. But that’s only half of my tagline. Remember, it’s “Where Grit Meets Grace.

While I love a story that delves into difficult topics and, in some cases, pushes the characters right to the edge of what they can handle, I also love a truly redemptive story. When I was asked to write for this series, the ideas that drew me the most were the ones that had something redeeming in the actual history. There were plenty of interesting historical killers I could’ve chosen where I could have manufactured a positive, even happy ending through the fictional characters in the book. In the case of Stephen Dee Richards, there was no manufacturing needed. The “grace” part was already written. The end of Stephen’s story is precisely why I chose to write about him. I hope you’ll find it as though-provoking and compelling as I did. Happy reading!

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