Sunday, November 6, 2016

Frightening possibilities -- Deep Shadows

When an author begins to write in a genre different from the one I am used to reading, I often wonder what to expect.  That is how I felt when Vannetta Chapman announced that she was going to write a dystopian series -- and all I had read of hers were Amish stories.

Well, I was not disappointed in her new direction in Deep Shadows.  The story was not a pleasant one -- in fact, it is pretty frightening to think of having to live through the situations it included.  Vannetta's telling of the story, though, made for a very intriguing read. 

One of the most engaging elements of the story is exploring how the characters deal with the difficulties that come when their normal day-to-day lives are completely turned upside down.  Vannetta has obviously down her "homework" in detailing the various scenarios that have to be dealt with.  Max and Shelby each bring their own strengths, weaknesses, pasts, and fears into the situation.  Shelby is definitely a mother driven by concern for her son's health; my only criticism would be that her focus seemed to drag down and get a little repetitive in some spots.

I am anxious to see how the story continues in the next book in the series, as well as reading the prequel in an ebook entitled Overshadowed.

About the Book:

All It Takes Is One Night to Plunge the World into Darkness

Life in Abney, Texas, is predictable and safe–until the night a massive solar flare wipes out all modern technology.

Shelby Sparks, novelist and single mom, had one goal: to provide for her diabetic son. In the wake of this global disaster, her mission hasn’t changed. Only now, medication is a priceless commodity and the future resembles an apocalyptic nightmare.

Max Berkman and Shelby were once sweethearts, but he lost his chance at claiming her love years ago. When the abrupt loss of power ushers him into a leadership role, he rises to the occasion. But his highest priority–to keep Shelby and her son safe–could prove to be the biggest challenge of all.

As the brilliant northern lights give way to deep shadows, Max and Shelby’s faith will be tested like never before. Only one rule remains: Find a way to survive.

About the Author:

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace, including romantic suspense and Amish romance novels. Chapman was a teacher for 15 years and currently writes full-time. She lives in the Texas hill country with her husband, pets, and a herd of deer.

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