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Rich Dual Timeline Story -- A Million Little Choices

Tamera Alexander's A Million Little Choices is a rich dual timeline story, filled with intriguing characters and plot lines. 

Over the past several years I have become a fan of Tamera's Civil War era stories. When I saw that her newest book was something a little different with a mostly contemporary setting, I was interested in reading that one as well. I was not disappointed in the least at the change in focus. Her characters and their stories provided a read that was just as engaging as any of her previous books. It was easy to be drawn into the lives of the characters in both time periods, and she did a lovely job of weaving the two pieces together. (And she still managed to include that familiar time period.)

The story of faith, courage, and second chances was a delight to read. The story leaves you thinking about the impact of the choices you make along the way in the ordinary and not so ordinary days of your life, some of those impacts lasting well beyond your lifetime.

I highly recommend A Million Little Choices to fans of great inspirational fiction.

About the Book

Sometimes secrets just won’t stay hidden . . .

Now from USA Today bestselling author and Christy Award Hall of Fame inductee Tamera Alexander comes the story of two women from different centuries living in the same house who share strikingly similar journeys.

Claire Powell’s life is turned upside down when her beloved husband admits to a “near affair.” But when Stephen accepts a partnership with an Atlanta law firm without consulting her and buys a historic Southern home sight-unseen—it pushes their already-fractured marriage to the breaking point. Claire’s world spirals, and she soon finds herself in a marriage she no longer wants, in a house she never asked for.

In 1863, Charlotte Thursmann, pregnant and trapped in a marriage to an abusive husband, struggles to protect her unborn child and the enslaved members of her household. Desperate, she’s determined to right the evils her husband and others like him commit. But how can one woman put an end to such injustice? Especially if her husband makes good on his threat to kill her?

Both Claire and Charlotte discover truths about themselves they never realized, along with secrets long hidden that hold the power to bring God’s restoration—if only they choose to let 

About the Author

Tamera Alexander is the Christy Award-winning, bestselling author of numerous books, including Colors of Truth, With This Pledge, A Lasting Impression, A Note Yet Unsung, To Whisper Her Name, and more. Her richly drawn characters and thought-provoking plots have earned her devoted readers worldwide. Tamera and her husband make their home in Nashville, where they enjoy life with their two adult children who live nearby.

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