Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Gripping Mystery! -- Under the Cajun Moon

Murder, mayhem, mystery, kidnapping, snakes, alligators, hidden treasure, romance, God's grace -- you'll find all these and more in Mindy Starns Clark's Under the Cajun Moon

Chloe Ledet is an international business etiquette expert, living in Chicago.  When she gets a call from her hometown of New Orleans that her father has been shot, she quickly flies there to be near him.  Before she can get to the hospital, though, she finds herself at her father's famous French Quarter restaurant, hearing a story of family treasure and mystery.  The next morning she wakes up in an unfamiliar hotel room and learns that she has been framed for murder.  When Travis Naquin, the grandson of her father's sometimes partner/sometimes adversary appears on the scene and seems intent on helping Chloe, the quagmire of mystery and danger grows deeper.  As the story unfolds through the lakes and bayous and marshes of south Louisiana, Chloe (as well as the reader) finds herself doubting the motives of almost everyone she knows.  And one of the biggest questions she struggles with is whether she can trust God to know or care about where she is and what is happening to her.

In the midst of the modern-day story, Mindy Starns Clark weaves an 18th-century tale that provides an intriguing backdrop to the setting.  In her masterful style of storytelling, she takes you back and forth between centuries without ever breaking the flow.  I would highly recommend this gripping mystery that you're sure to have trouble putting down.

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