Saturday, April 9, 2011

An OK Amish story -- The Way to a Man's Heart

The Way to a Man's Heart by Mary Ellis is the third and final installment in her Miller Family Series.  I would call this an "OK" book, but not great.  The characters were interesting, but I found the story somewhat "choppy" and slow moving.

Leah Miller stumbles upon an opportunity that she believes is perfect for her -- the chance to use and improve her baking skills in a newly opened diner.  Several local young men visit the diner frequently, admiring more than Leah's cooking skills.  She finds herself pleased, yet confused, by the emotions she feels as she enjoys their attention, even as she finds herself falling for dairy farmer Jonah Byler.  Leah finds that she has a lot to learn about life, love, and business.  One thing she is certain of and that carries her through is her strong faith in God.

Fans of Amish fiction should enjoy the story, although this is not the best choice available.

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