Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Amish story that is "out of this world" -- In Plain Sight

If I were trying to think of two different genres of fiction to put together into one story, I don't believe I would ever have come up with Amish and science fiction.  Marlayne Giron did just that in her newest book, In Plain Sight, and I have to say that it did not work for me.

Twin brothers, one with silver eyes and one with gold, show up in an Amish community, attempting to fit in by dressing and behaving as Amish.  As crop circles begin to appear in fields and farmers in the area suffer loss to crops and livestock, one of the brothers falls in love with a local Amish girl, and the boys live with and are defended by her family.  Things become more and more complex as the brothers look for a way to repair their damaged space ship and make contact with other beings of their own kind. 

Following all the incongruous events of this story just did not make for enjoyable reading.  There were also several unpolished elements in the actual writing of the book.  I have read some favorable reviews of the book, so there is evidently an audience for this type of story.  For me, though, it was just too far "out there."

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  1. I have probably read between 400 and 500 Amish fiction books- and I have to agree Southern Girl- it was one of the few Amish books I could just not get into- little bit too far out in left field. Several descrepancies like talking about the two twins sitting in a church meeting beside a girl- would never happen becuase in church meeting or most meeting- women sit on one side - men sit on the other side!!! Also some of the other things in the book to me just did not add up to being Amish!!! To me that book was more along the line of Star Trek- and I like a story that is believable!!!