Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Jenkins Hit! -- The Betrayal

Jerry Jenkins has written another hit with The Betrayal, the second of his Precinct 11 series.

Detective Boone Drake has been shot while involved in the greatest sting in Chicago history.  And in an unexpected turn of events, he has found himself falling in love with Haeley Lamonica, a big step as he continues his healing from losing his family in a tragic accident.

Before Boone has the chance to recover enough to leave the hospital, he finds that something has gone terribly wrong and things are not what they seem.  Somewhere within the police department, there are people who can't be trusted, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to determine who those people are.  Is Haeley a victim of a set-up, or is there a side to her that Drake knows nothing about?  Who can he trust to find the answers about Haeley that he needs?  What can he do to guarantee the safety of the key witness in the sting operation?  And is Drake's own life in danger?

This story is fast moving and full of suspense.  The distinction between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" is not completely clear until the end of the book.  The drama leading up to that climax will keep you turning the pages. 

Although this book could probably stand alone, parts of the story fit together best if you have read The Brotherhood.  The first book moved at a slower pace and involved a lot of personal introspection by the main character but helped to set the backgraound for The Betrayal.  If you enjoy police drama with a Christian view, both books are definitely worth your time.

This book was provided free by Tydale House Publishers for my honest review.

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