Friday, July 6, 2012

A Dramatic Terri Blackstock Adventure -- Downfall

Terri Blackstock's Downfall completes her Intervention series with more drama for the Covington family.

Emily Covington has successfully beaten her drug habit and turned her life around -- or at least that is the way things appear.  However, earning trust -- even from her own mother -- continues to be a challenge for her, especially when evidence points toward her falling back into old, destructive ways.  When murder comes into the picture, Emily is the only one who figures out what is going on, but she has trouble getting people to believe her theories and finds herself as the prime suspect in the crimes.

Once again, Terri Blackstock shares her gift for telling a story of intrigue and suspense, while including themes of God's work in the lives of her characters.  This series carries special meaning to me because of Terri's writing from her own experience with her daughter's addictions.

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