Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to the Baxters -- Coming Home

Ten years ago, Karen Kingsbury first introduced us to John and Elizabeth Baxter and their family in the Redemption series.  Throughout five series and twenty-two books, we've shared in the great highs and the deep sorrows of this family and their friends who have come alive off the pages of fiction.  Many true KK fans would admit to thinking about inviting some of the Baxters to a special event in their lives . . . that's how real Karen's characters have become!

In Coming Home, we have the opportunity to revisit old friends and be reminded of their stories. The plot revolves around Ashley Baxter Blake's plan to have the whole family come together to celebrate her father's 70th birthday with a surprise party.  She encourages each of her brothers and sisters to write a letter to their dad, letting him know how much he means to them. At such a special time in the life of their family, tragedy strikes . . . a tragedy so big it threatens to shake the faith that has been at the very foundation of the Baxter family through all the years.  But as always, the Baxters find a way to hold fast to each other and to the God who has carried them through so many times before.

There is no way to say much more about the story without any spoilers, so I'll just suggest you grab a box of tissues and dive in.  Hopefully, you will have an afternoon or evening to spend because I'm not sure there's any way to put the book down until you've finished it.  Karen says this is the last book about the Baxters, but we can only hope to hear more from them somewhere along the way.

If you have not read any of the previous series, Karen provides sufficient background to make the story make sense as a stand-alone novel -- but I would definitely recommend that you go back and read all the previous books to really get to know the Baxters.

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