Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Books

In addition to watching Hallmark and GMC Christmas movies almost daily since they began back in November, I've enjoyed reading Christmas books during the past few weeks.  Here are brief summaries of some I've read.

GRACE, by Shelley Shepard Gray
If you have read some of Shelley's other Amish stories, you might recognize the setting of this story at Brenneman Bed and Breakfast.  The Brenneman family has their plans made for a simple family Christmas.  They are surprised when, through some mix-ups, unexpected guests arrive.  The family and their guests all have adjustments to make as they each deal with their personal challenges.  Watching hearts and attitudes change during the special time of year makes for a very good Christmas story.

A Plain and Simple Christmas, by Amy Clipston
Even though Anna Mae made the decision to leave the Amish lifestyle a few years earlier to marry an Englisher, she still longs for a relationship with her family.  She decides that Christmas is the time to try to restore the broken relationships.  The visit home doesn't go as planned, and Anna Mae is hurt and discouraged.  But this is a Christmas story, and Christmas surprises come through in the end.

Sarah's Christmas Miracle, by Mary Ellis
Sarah Beachy is happy with her Amish life and her job at an English bed and breakfast.  Before settling in to begin her life as an Amish wife, though, she believes she needs to find answers to questions about her brother who left her family and community a few years before.  Sarah's determination leads to some answers and helps her make make important decisions.  And, of course, it's Christmas -- so there are miracles!

On Christmas Eve, by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
For a non-Amish Christmas story, right now I'm reading the latest Cape Light novel.  I'm about a fourth of the way through the book and am enjoying it as much as the previous ones.  I'll add a summary after I'm finished with the book.

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