Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of a Series -- Greater Love

This week I read the third and final installment in Robert Whitlow's Tides of Truth series -- Greater Love.  As I said in a post about the second book, this was an OK series, but not my favorite. 

The story begins with Tami Taylor struggling to make a couple of major decisions in her life -- (1) which law firm's offer to accept for her first employment after passing the bar and (2) whether she should choose between the the two men vying for her heart, or whether God's plan for her involves neither of them.  After finally making her employment decision, Tami receives a court-appointed assignment and ends up in the middle of a case where there is much more danger and intrigue than what is immediately apparent.  Along the way, she learns important lessons in "greater love" and suffers the loss of someone close to her.

Once I started this series, I wanted to finish it to see how things turned out for Tami and her friends/family.  Some things, though, kept it from rising to the top of my favorites list.  Many elements of the plot were drawn out and slow moving.  The spiritual elements -- although generally something I very much enjoy and appreciate in a novel -- were just a little too "out there" for my comfort zone.

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