Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A quick visit to Angel Island -- The Wedding Promise

The Wedding Promise by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer is the second installment in their Angel Island series, which follows right on the heels of their Cape Light novels.  This is a quick and easy-to-read story that draws the reader into its pleasant setting.

Liza Martin is just getting her feet on the ground in her plans to bring The Inn at Angel Island back up to the previous state of the time when her aunt and uncle ran it, when she is approached by a young lady who has her heart set on getting married at the inn.  Initially determined to decline the request to handle the wedding, Liza decides to give it a try but ends up facing all kinds of hurdles in pulling off this first major event of her new career.  On the personal front, Liza finds herself falling for Daniel, the very desirable handyman who is helping her with renovations.  Things get very confusing in that arena as Daniel sends mixed signals about his interest in Liza and is unwilling to open up and share his secrets.

I enjoyed this book, as I did the first in this series and the previous series.  However, for much of the book, the plot seems to move very slowly, and I felt it was bogged down in details rather than anything that really moved the story along.

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