Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Walk continues . . . -- Miles to Go

I'm not sure what it is about Richard Paul Evans' books that makes them so compelling.  There is action, but I wouldn't call them action packed.  There is romance, but I wouldn't classify them as typical romantic stories.  His books always make me think and make me feel -- and I don't even realize how much until after I've finished the story.

Miles to Go, "the second journal of THE WALK series," fits into this same category.  Alan Christoffersen picks up right where he left off at the end of The Walk -- in the hospital recovering from his near-deadly attack, resulting in a months-long detour from his original plan.  During this unexpected down time, though, his life takes on new meaning through a mutually beneficial relationship with his very own Angel.  He also has the chance to reconnect with important people from his past.   When he is able to start back on his cross-country trek, he meets Kailamai -- once again someone he helps as she brings new enjoyment to his life.  Without being "preachy" or "teachy," Richard reminds his readers of important life lessons through Alan's relationships.

So I wind down to the end of the book -- the very last entry before the epilogue -- feeling quiet and introspective -- and Evans throws in a big-time cliffhanger!  And I have to wait until sometime next year to get the answers?!?!?

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