Monday, December 30, 2013

Continuing Story -- Through the Tears

Michelle's journey and search for truth continues in Through the Tears.  (If you haven't read Out of a Dream, you probably should do so before reading this second book.  You can check out my review here.)  In a time when her faith is new and uncertain, Michelle struggles with understanding the desires of her heart and how God might -- or might not -- satisfy those desires.

Rosemary Hines continues to deal with tough topics as she carries on with the second story in this Sandy Cove Series.  Her characters are well-developed and deal with complex, real-life issues in ways that keep the reader engaged.  My only complaint about this story is that Michelle's fears and worries are described so often and in such detail that I sometimes felt bogged down in the repetition.

All in all, though this was a very good read, and I look forward to the conclusion of Michelle's story in Into Magnolia.

Thanks to Rosemary Hines for providing me a free digital copy of Through the Tears in exchange for my honest review.

About the Story

Michelle Baron and her family rejoice when her father regains consciousness after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. But a long journey awaits, as they seek to clear his name of the embezzlement charges that drove him to this desperate act.

The days of their vigil at the hospital drag into weeks, and Michelle finds herself repeatedly drawn to the newborn nursery. Observing couples leave with tiny babes in their arms, her heart is stirred, and she begins to yearn for a child of her own. However, an unexpected twist will threaten her new dream.

Through the Tears delivers a message of hope in the midst of longing and disappointment.  

About the Author

Rosemary Hines writes contemporary, suspenseful fiction from a Christian worldview. Her characters and their struggles and triumphs reflect life in our 21st century culture in America. Boldly tackling tough subjects such as suicide, abortion, and the ever-increasing efforts of secular society to silence the faith of many, she is known for her sensitive approach and strong messages of hope and redemption. Rosemary taught writing at a secondary level for fifteen years. Her books have been reviewed and recommended at Christian conferences across the United States. Active in her church as a Sunday school teacher and a women's Bible study leader, she and her husband have also served as missionaries in Ukraine, delivering humanitarian relief to orphanages and hospitals. They reside in Southern California where they enjoy spending time with their grown children and grandchildren.  

For more information about Rosemary and her books, visit her website or check her out on facebook.

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