Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to normal???

I was just looking at my posts and noticed that I haven't written a book review in just over a month.  Does that say anything about how crazy my December was???  It's been a busy, busy month, and one of my favorite pastimes -- READING -- got pushed aside.  (I did get a couple of books read somewhere in there but haven't gotten around to posting about them.)  There was a trade-off with lots of fun times with family and friends filling in the busy month. 

Tomorrow I go back to school after a little less than a two-week break.  I'm not really ready -- I always want more time for the things on my "I'll do this while I'm out of school" list.  But, I guess it's time to try to get back to normal -- whatever that is.  Hopefully, one benefit will be getting back to my large to-be-read pile of books.  So look for reviews soon. 

Happy New Year . . . and happy reading!

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