Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A treasure of a Christmas story -- Christmas Treasures

Thomas Kinkade & Katherine Spencer have added a 12th volume to their Cape Light series -- Christmas Treasures.  This book is one of my favorites in the series.

Reverend Ben is questioning how much longer he might be able to keep up with the pace of activities involved in his position, and he and his wife Carolyn often dream about having the time for tropical vacations and other travels.  When he suffers a heart attack on a Sunday morning shortly before Christmas, it looks like he might be forced to make immediate decisions about whether to continue his ministry.

Regina and Richard Rowan are struggling to hold their family together through the Christmas season for the sake of their kids.  When Regina inherits a broken-down house from a distant relative she has never met, the family has a place to spend the holidays, with plans to fix up the property and sell it before their marriage dissolves.  As they settle into their temporary home in Cape Light, new hope begins to flicker in what might be described as a series of Christmas miracles.

Some of the Cape Light books had seemed to me to become a little stale.  Christmas Treasures, with some new characters and a very enjoyable story line, added a new sense of life to the charming little town.  I would be glad to see more in this series.

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