Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Sweet Love Story of Forgiveness and Redemption -- Love Lifted Me

Love Lifted Me by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck is a sweet love story of two souls with lots of baggage learning to trust each other and God.

Jade Benson has accepted her husband's son from an affair he had just before they married.  Now she is waiting for Max to come home from rehab in Texas where he has supposedly come clean from his prescription drug addiction.  As Max steps carefully back into her life, appearing to be changed, Jade is wary about trusting him to have left the old Max behind.

When Max is not welcomed back into the family law firm, he shocks Jade with the crazy idea of going back to Colby, Texas, to coach high school football.  After prayer and soul-searching, they decide to trust God to lead them to new beginnings but find their faith severely tested time and again.  Max and Jade work through the tests with a philosophy well worth borrowing:  "We've seen what man can do.  Let's see what God can do."

It wasn't until I finished reading the book that I realized this was the third book in a series.  The book worked fine for me as a stand alone, although I think it would be a nice addition to know what happened in the previous stories.  I enjoyed the story but did find the conclusions to some of the issues to be rather abrupt, without enough explanation of why things went a certain direction.  All in all, though, it was a good story and carried a very strong message of God's working to bring redemption to messed up lives. 

This book was provided free from Book Sneeze for my honest review.

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